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Happy Tulsa Mosquito Control

Green Oasis Outdoor is your Tulsa Mosquito Control service. Are you ready for top notch Mosquito Control? First time customers get the $29 special where we’ll treat up to one acre of your outdoor space with our premium insecticide. If you’re happy with the result we’ll add you to the regular treatment schedule. Enjoy your outdoor space free from worry of bites from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. See below for the benefits our customers enjoy.

Benefit From Our Expertise

Longer-Lasting Mosquito Control

Our treatments last 30 days compared to the industry standard of 21 days. You’ll spend less with us over a season than with other mosquito control services.

Pet and People Safe

All chemicals we use are EPA approved and safe for people and pets once the treated area is dry.

Premium Insecticide

Our EPA approved premium insecticides are very effective giving you triple protection against mosquitoes, fleas and tick

No Contracts

There are no contracts. Cancel your service at any time. You’re in control!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want everyone we work with to be a lifetime satisfied customer. Check out The Guarantee.

Lots of Mosquito Bites Annually

Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus, which kill millions of people worldwide each year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malaria alone caused an estimated 405,000 deaths worldwide in 2018.

Protect Yourself and Family with Superior Mosquito Control

Not all mosquitoes within a species carry diseases and not all mosquito bites result in illness. The presence of disease-causing pathogens in the mosquito’s saliva, as well as the person’s immunity to the disease, also play a role in determining whether a bite will make someone sick.

Our mosquito control treatments eliminate sometimes deadly mosquitoes as well as fleas and ticks. Get a barrier treatment to significantly reduce your chances of getting a bite from disease causing mosquitoes. We’ll evaluate your outdoor space and identify the areas where mosquitoes are. From there we’ll target and apply a powerful insecticide that stays on treated surfaces for up to 30 days. While the insecticide we use for is potent and very effective, it’s completely safe for people and pets as soon as treated surfaces are dry.