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Tulsa Mosquito Control Beginning

My entry into the world of mosquito control started in May 2018 with the death of our all-time favorite family cat. Batman contracted a fatal tick-borne disease and although he was strong, he just couldn’t beat it. His death was hard on the family so I started looking around for remedies to combat the flea and tick population in our yard and make sure our other two cats were protected. The granules I found at the big box stores just didn’t do the trick for very long so I started looking for something better.

Fighting Bugs In The Forest

Where It All Began Tulsa Mosquito Control

Once I found some remedies that worked better than what I could get at the big box stores, I started testing things on my own yard and had great success. I branched out into mosquito control which, at our house (shown here surrounded by Oak trees), was going to be an equally sizeable challenge to the seasonal flea and tick problems.

Given that we had as many places for mosquitoes to hide and breed as we did fleas and ticks, I was skeptical as to whether what I tried was going to be able to get the job done. Our pest control guy at the time offered to do a mosquito treatment and the difference was night and day. I bought the additional equipment I needed and gave it a try myself. I haven’t looked back.

Nearly Pest Free

I say “nearly” pest free because nothing you do can get ALL the pests out of your space. You can reach a balance where pests are no longer a problem and it’s safe for you, your family, and pets to be outdoors. You can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by destructive pests. Since I’ve been treating my own yard beginning in 2018 we have not had a problem with mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas. If I can take eliminate those destructive pests at my own home that’s surrounded by a forest, I’m sure I can help you too. Text or call us today for your free, no obligation estimate. 918-203-4900.

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