Armyworm Control

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Armyworm Control is an essential part of a homeowners pest control plan to save money spent on a beautiful landscape. Armyworms are a common insect pest that can cause significant damage to lawns if left uncontrolled. These insects feed voraciously on vegetation, consuming large amounts of leaves and other plant materials, and can quickly decimate entire fields or lawns if their populations are not managed. Fortunately, there are several effective control strategies that homeowners can use to prevent and control Armyworm infestations.

Why Are They Called “Armyworms?”

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Armyworms earned their name because of their behavior of moving in large numbers across fields and consuming everything in their path, much like an army on the march. When they invade a field or lawn, they can quickly strip it of vegetation, leaving nothing behind. The term “Armyworm” is thought to have originated during the early 19th century when a large Armyworm outbreak occurred in England, leading to widespread damage to crops and other vegetation. Since then, the term has been used to refer to several species of moth caterpillars that share similar behavior and characteristics. Today, the name “Armyworm” is used to refer to several species of moth caterpillars that are known for their destructive feeding habits and tendency to move in large numbers, consuming everything in their path.

Benefits of Armyworm Control

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Armyworm control is beneficial for several reasons. It is cost-effective in that it helps prevent significant damage to lawns, which can reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, eliminating Armyworm populations improves the overall aesthetics of a property, promoting a healthy and attractive landscape that increases its value. Overall, effective Armyworm control is an essential component of maintaining healthy vegetation while also providing economic and aesthetic benefits.

4-Step Armyworm Control Plan

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Preventing or reducing Armyworm damage to lawns requires several steps. By implementing these steps, homeowners can prevent or reduce Armyworm damage to their lawns, promoting a healthy and attractive landscape. First of all, maintain a healthy lawn by watering and fertilizing properly and mowing regularly to promote strong root growth.

Second, monitor lawns for signs of Armyworms, such as chewed or damaged leaves. Actions should be taken as soon as infestations are detected. Armyworms become active when temperatures consistently reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Pay close attention when temps reach that range.

Third, Use insecticides to kill armyworms. Green Oasis Outdoor can treat your outdoor space and eliminate Armyworm populations and keep them from coming back.

Fourth, Promote natural predators such as birds and other insectivores to inhabit the area can help control Armyworm populations.

Partner With Us In Your Control Plan


When Armyworms become active, let Green Oasis Outdoor be your partner in your control plan. We use premium insecticides that kill active Armyworms instantly. Better yet, regular monthly treatments before you see activity will prevent Armyworms altogether. Since our treatments last 30 days, you’ll have protection 24/7 each month you have us come by and treat.

In Oklahoma the nighttime temperature starts averaging 70 degrees Fahrenheit and higher around the beginning of June. Your Armyworm control should start then and continue monthly until the middle or end of October.

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Ready to get rid of those Armyworms once and for all? Let’s review your outdoor space. Just fill out a free quote request to get things started. We will look at your property from online resources and let you know what we can do to treat your outdoor space. Our service is always backed up by The Guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. Call or text us today at 918-203-4900 to gain peace of mind, help keep your family and pets safe and healthy, and protect your lawn from damage.