Bagworm Control

bagworm control plan

Does Bagworm Control need to be added to your outdoor pest control plan? Bagworms are a significant pest for trees and shrubs in gardens and landscapes. These insects cause severe damage to plants by feeding on their leaves and needles, which leads to defoliation and even death of the plant. The good news is that with the right control measures, bagworms can be effectively eliminated and prevent damage to your valuable plants.

What’s a Bagworm?

bagworm control plan

Bagworms are the larvae of certain moths that spin protective bags made of silk and bits of plant material. These bags provide a shelter for the larvae, and they also help them to hide from predators. As the larvae grow, they consume more and more plant material, which can lead to severe damage to trees and shrubs. Bagworms are common in many parts of the world and can affect a wide range of plants, including evergreens, deciduous trees, and shrubs.

Bagworm Prevention

bagworm control plan

The best way to control bagworms is through a combination of physical and chemical measures:

  • Keep the garden and landscape clean and free of debris.
  • Regularly prune trees and shrubs to remove areas where bagworms can attach their bags.
  • Handpick the bags off affected plants and destroy them.
  • Inspect trees and shrubs regularly for signs of bagworms and other pests.
  • Use insecticides in early summer when the larvae are still small and vulnerable.
  • Seek the help of a professional pest control company for infestations.
  • Encourage natural predators of bagworms, such as birds by providing food and habitat for them.
  • Avoid transporting infested plant material from one location to another.

Let Us Help With Your Bagworm Control Plan

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Green Oasis Outdoor has the experience and expertise to control bagworms effectively and prevent further damage to your trees and shrubs. The premium insecticides we use are EPA approved. Once the treated area is dry, it’s safe for people and pets. Since our treatments last 30 days, you’ll have protection 24/7 each month you have us come by and treat.

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bagworm protection plan

Ready to get rid of those destructive pests with our Bagworm Control? Let’s review your outdoor space. Just fill out a free quote request to get things started. We will look at your property from online resources and let you know what we can do to protect your trees and shrubs from damage. Our service is always backed up by The Guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. Call or text us today at 918-203-4900 to gain peace of mind, help keep your family and pets safe and healthy, and protect your landscape from damage.