5-Step Flea Control

Flea Control Tulsa

Flea Control Tulsa

Flea control in Tulsa is simple with Green Oasis Outdoor. We can help you achieve a bite free Summer by eliminating fleas. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Flea control in Tulsa and the surrounding area takes a sustained effort to protect family and pets from their pesky bites. Fleas attack both humans and pets causing itchy bites and causing pets to scratch incessantly. Did you know that in rare cases fleas transmit disease as well? Make flea control an essential part of your outdoor pest control plan. The first treatment is only $29 (up to one acre). More on that later!

What Is Flea Control?

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Flea control is just our process of eliminating fleas and preventing additional infestations. These small, parasitic insects feed on the blood of animals and humans. Flea control is very important because they can cause a variety of health problems. Most commonly they cause skin irritation. Additionally they can cause allergies and sometimes transmit diseases.

Steps To Take to Control Fleas

Flea Control Tulsa

There are several methods of flea control, including:

  1. Prevention: The best way to control fleas is to prevent them from infesting your home and pets in the first place. This can be done by regularly cleaning and vacuuming your home, washing your pet’s bedding and toys, and using veterinarian approved flea preventatives on your pets.
  2. Insecticides: Insecticides can be used to kill fleas on pets, in the home, and in the yard. There are many different types of insecticides available, including sprays, powders, and spot-on treatments.
  3. Environmental control: Fleas can survive and reproduce in the environment, such as in carpets, furniture, and outdoor areas. Environmental control measures should include flea bombs or foggers, which release insecticides into the air to kill fleas, as well as treating outdoor areas with insecticides.
  4. Professional pest control: This is where Green Oasis Outdoor can help! In any case of flea infestations, call us to help eliminate the fleas. We use a combination of premium insecticides to eliminate the fleas and prevent further infestation.

Flea Control With Green Oasis Outdoor

Flea Control in Tulsa

We understand where fleas hide and what their habits are so we can be effective at eliminating fleas anywhere. We can evaluate your outdoor space to identify areas necessary to treat and then target those areas regularly. You’ll notice a marked difference within 2-4 hours of treatment. With repeated monthly applications during flea season you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space all season long.

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Let’s review your outdoor space. Just fill out a free quote request to get things started. We will look at your property from online resources and let you know what we can do to eliminate your flea problem. Our Tulsa mosquito control service eliminates deadly mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. The first treatment is only $29 (up to one acre). If you like the result, we’ll add you to the regular treatment schedule. Our service is always backed up by The Guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. Call or text us today at 918-203-4900 to start enjoying your outdoor space again.